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This chrome extension enables screen sharing support on pages for the duration of test.

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“Time to Say Goodbye To cheating in online tests! For recruitment professionals as well as teachers and entrance exam instructors, cheating is an issue that’s difficult to address. The tests with the highest stakes are offered each year, and often every year, twice or three times and hiring an invigilator for each test is only going to make it more difficult for the physical requirements. So, naturally, the inclusion of online proctoring can take away a major burden off the test conductors.

Technology today allows exam administrators, teachers, and recruiters to hear and see the exam taker, who is many thousands miles away. Mettl can empower the exam administrators and teachers as well as recruitment agents with technology to accomplish similar with Mettl’s Advanced Proctoring feature.

With this extension, exam administrators can see the screen of the candidate while they proctor the candidate live and publish the exam on the candidate’s account.

A proctor’s ability to view the entire screen of a candidate is like saying a judge at a physical test center who is able to look across your back, view your computer’s screen and stop any form of restricted behavior.

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