Top 5 Apps To Watch Movie Together In 2023


Watching movies with friends and family has always been a fun and wholesome experience, but it becomes impossible if friends and family live very far from you in a distant place. Worry not, though; even in the comfort of your homes, you can watch movies with your loved ones with these top 5 apps to watch movie together. These tools let you stream Netflix with your friends and make your experiences much more immersive and interactive as well. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the top extensions that enable you to enjoy web series and movies with your friends and family.

Best 5 Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends & Family

Tele-Netflix Party

Tele-Netflix Party enables you to stream Netflix in sync with your friends. This will surely make your watching experience with them much more fun. All you have to do is create a “party” and share the link with friends and family to join. It also has a built-in chat option that allows you to chat with your friends while watching the movie.


  • Stream Netflix in high quality
  • Easy to create a watch party link
  • Inbuilt chat, speed up feature


  • Doesn’t work on mobiles
  • Can only be used on chrome and edge browsers


Another one of these exciting extensions that allows users to watch TV remotely with loved ones is Teleparty. it has just recently been renamed. You can use this extension to stream your favorite streaming services while also getting group chat and video playback synchronization. Over 10 million people have used Teleparty to connect with friends and organize long-distance movie nights and TV watch parties. 


  • Compatible with a wide range of streaming sites such as HULU, Disney plus, Prime Video, Netflix and much more
  • Can stream at high quality with high speed buffer
  • Group chat feature


  • There have been some streaming issues with streaming platforms such as Prime video and HBO Max
  • There has been a problem with the chat overlapping


Another free extension that allows you to watch movies with friends is Gaze. Compared to tools such as Airplay, this one is almost the same, only differing in the aspect that you need to stream shows or music on your phone and then project it onto your friend’s phone. It also does not have any contract stating that you cannot copy content, which AirPlay does.


  • Twitter like interface for chatting
  • Allows for sync-watching
  • You can also stream your own files as well


  • Need to constantly check the other device if the video is being projected properly


With the help of Scener, you can watch movies with your friends. Scener enables you to watch movies with up to three other people at once. The other people can still provide their opinions on the movie even when it is paused. Additionally, users may add subtitles and express their opinions via social media.


  • Can add subtitles if available
  • Supports platforms such as Netflix, Prime video and much more
  • Can invite friends via social platforms or e-mail
  • Users can connect to their accounts on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications from Scener when it’s time for them to watch a movie.


  • Spams with advertising notifications that can not be disabled
  • Can be buggy and unreliable
  • 2 separate windows for streaming and chatting which needs constant switching or disabling


1. Which are the best apps to watch movies with friends?

Tele-Netflix Party, Scener, Teleparty, and Gaze are some of the best apps to enjoy movies with friends.

2. Is Tele-Netflix Party free to use for streaming Netflix in sync with friends, family, and a long-distance partner?

Yes. It is 100% free to use. You can stream as many movies as you want with Tele-Netflix Party.

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