Top Ubuntu Screen Recorders You Should Be Aware Of 

ubuntu screen recorder

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system that is used by professionals for its easy flow of processes, unlike the rigid Windows and Mac operating systems. Ubuntu apps are uncommon because the operating system is open source and the profits from developing an Ubuntu-specific app are small. Since Ubuntu is used by professionals, it needs apps or software that support professional work. Screen recorders are an essential tool in this regard. Screen recorders are a must for software developers and testers to record bugs for easy reproducibility. Many other professionals use screen recorders to record meetings and for project management. Let us see some of the Ubuntu screen recorders.

Recommended Pick: Flonnect

Flonnect Chrome extension is about an MB in size but is packed with enough features to satisfy everyone. Flonnect offers many exciting premium features for free. It has three kinds of recording options. Record what’s on your screen, from a webcam, or from both with crystal clear audio. Most of all, this Chrome extension is completely free to use.


  • It’s User friendly 
  • Easily Upload videos to the cloud and never lose any important videos
  • Link generation option for recorded videos to easily share the videos on different platforms
  • No water marks on the downloaded or the recorded video
  • Unlimited recording for free
  • You can download the recorded video in two formats MP4 and WebM


  • This extension is only available for Chrome and Edge
  • It is not configured for Mobile phones and tablets


This is a video recording software that has a lot of editing tools built-in the video recorder. There are also a lot of drag and drop options. Camtasia is an extremely user-friendly video recorder software with a paid subscription plan


  • Built-in video editor
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Huge library of templates


  • This software is not free and is on the pricey side.
  • Is a heavy software


Loom is also one of the screen recorders that let you record your screen or webcam with clear audio. The unique feature of this video recorder is that the recorded videos are saved in cloud storage for easier access once the recording is complete. This is a video recorder that is best suited for collaborations.


  • Extremely User-friendly
  • Cloud storage


  • Only has a 14-day trial and requires payment after that
  • There were some audio problems seen


Movavi is a completely tool-equipped video recorder. It has music and editing, slide shows, special effects, titles, and more in its editor. Movavi has a clean and simple interface that makes navigation in the software easier


  • Has an in-built video editor
  • Large number of tools seen in the video editor
  • User-friendly


  • After a 7-day free trial you need to pay $89.95.
  • Limited compatibility


1. Which is the best screen recorder for Ubuntu?

The recommended video recorder for Ubuntu would be flonnect because it offers users so many exciting features like video link generation, video trimming, video upload, and a thumbnail change option.

2. Are these Ubuntu screen recorders free to use?

Yes. All these screen recorders are free to use, but we would recommend Flonnect because it offers all the premium features for free to its users.

3. Will I get regular updates for flonnect screen recording tool?

Yes, Flonnect has a dedicated team of developers who are constantly fixing bugs and upgrading it. 

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