Top Speaker Booster Apps In 2023


Ever felt like your music needed more bass or loudness all the time? We are certain that every single one of us has gone through this anguish at some point in our lives. You must have had moments when you were enjoying a video and wished the music was playing louder. Generally speaking, the sound quality of modern PCs and laptops isn’t as excellent as it used to be in previous versions. This is where software such as sound boosters comes in. A sound booster is a straightforward program that improves the sound output of your device, making it sound much better. Unfortunately, there aren’t many audio booster programs available for Windows, making it challenging to find the ideal program. Let us look at some of the best speaker booster apps for Windows and Mac.

Best Speaker Booster Apps for Windows & Mac in 2023

Here are some top speaker volume booster apps that are completely safe to use:

Sound Booster (Recommended For Windows & Mac)

Sound Booster allows you to change the volume on any online audio and video multimedia platforms; it improves your video streaming experience. You may adjust the audio volume using a simple yet helpful slider bar. It is 100% safe for speakers as it uses a safe sound injection technique.


  • Simple to use audio enhancer
  • Adjust volume levels with slider bar
  • Works on all the popular video and audio streaming websites


  • Can not be used on mobile
  • Can only be used on chrome and edge browser

Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is an equalizing app for windows that is used to boost the volume by a significant margin. Not only does this increase the overall volume, but it can also modify specific parameters such as pitch, treble, bass and much more. This is also capable of working with all media players as well. The software contains two panels which are able to give you various features and let you control different aspects of the audio


  • Can modify various parameters such as pitch, treble and much more
  • Works with various media players
  • Contains 2 panels that gives you control over various aspects and analyse different features as well


  • Too complicated with too many features
  • Time consuming
  • Can be unresponsive at times

DFX Audio Enhancer

Another audio enhancer that can be used to improve the sound quality to a significant margin has to be the DFX audio enhancer. It features various features such as the 3D surround sound, higher fidelity and much more. This software allows you to experience richer, clearer audio on all sites irrespective of what you are watching.


  • Straightforward interface
  • Variety of features
  • Richer and clearer audio


  • To access the better features you need to get the paid version
  • The demo release is extremely restrictive and does not allow the user to properly test it


Viper4Windows will aid in enhancing the audio quality coming from headphones, built-in speakers, or external speakers. You may improve computer audio to improve the sound quality of music, movies, video games, and internet radio. Using this free utility, you may raise the volume over the hardware’s maximum capacity.


  • A good software to enhance the audio quality
  • Can be used on headphones, built-in speakers as well as external speakers
  • Can increase the volume over the hardware’s maximum capacity


  • Does not work with certain versions of Windows
  • May not work with certain type of headphones


To enhance audio, XMPlay either employs the Auto Amp or Equalizer features. Sometimes, this utility boosts an audio output by utilising both characteristics. Even if this is your first time using XMPlay, you will be able to use this media player effectively because of its clear and user-friendly design. The file types that this utility supports include MP3, MP2, OGG, WAV, and WMA, among others. More than 130 skins and 200 plug-ins are also available on the support site, further enhancing XMPlay.


  • Boosts audio using the Auto Amp or Equalizer feature
  • Clear and user-friendly design
  • Works with various audio formats such as MP3, MP2, OGG and much more


  • Interface may look old compared to the other software
  • Is not the ideal software to navigate between large folders


1. What are speaker booster apps?

Speaker booster apps increase the volume levels beyond the maximum limit. These apps for Windows and Mac are quite useful for solving the low audio output of the speakers.

2. How to increase laptop/desktop speaker volume?

Install the sound booster extension on your laptop and desktop and easily boost sound levels up to 400%. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to increase sound output.

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